Welcome to the Winter Storm of 2009

The winter storm of 2009 arrived on the first day of March. The 315 Charge is located in Harris County, Georgia, U.S.A. This "Charge" is composed of two churches which are connect by Georgia Highway 315 in the southern part of Harris County. It is not really unusual to get a snow storm or two during the winter. But when we do, most every thing shuts down. As you may well understand, we do not have snow plows to open the roads. Add to this, it normally warms up fairly quickly in the next day or two which melts the white stuff away. That being said, we really enjoy when the Lord blesses us with a change of pace.

This page shows three aspects of the 315Charge. The first page will show Bigham Chapel. The second page will feature the Cataula Church. The last page will display the highway 315 which connects both churches. That page will also have video and Interstate I-185 which 315 crosses going west of Bigham Chapel. We hope that you will enjoy the picturs of the 2009 snow storm. One final note. The pictures are fairly large so as to keep them looking sharp and focused. Therefore it may take awhile to load them depending on your internet connection. Please click on the titles below to travel to each church and 315.

While there have been many snow events over the course of years, someone took a picture of the Bigham Chapel some time back. We do not know the date or who took the picture. We do know however that the picture is at least 30 years old. If you would care to see that picture just click "HERE"


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