This picture is an old photo of the Bigham Chapel. The year of the snow storm is unknown. Because the photo was very old, Adobe Photo Shop had to be employed to help improve the appearence. This picture does not show a later addition to the back of the church. The best guess of the date would be sometime in the mid 1960's. No one knows for sure.

However, this year, 2009 the first of March, we also had another snow strom. It stated to during the 9:30 a.m. service here at Bigham Chapel. It continued to snow until about 6 p.m. leaving an acclimation of about 6 inch's. Part of the community around the church lost power for about six hours. For more pictures of this snow strom click on "SNOW" and view them. This is how us southern folks enjoy global warming. You yanks, just come on down and help us enjoy this white stuff. Ye'll come, hear.