Historical overview of the history of Bigham Chapel and Cataula

The Following information is taken from "History of Harris County, Georgia 1827-1961" written by Louise Calhoun Barfield. The footnotes sighted here have not been changed. All are direct quotes from the book. While she lists the names of the early members of both Bigham Chapel, and Cataula, I do not. Please consult her book for farther information. What is sighted here is the data that gives the reader an overview of the past history of Methodism in Georgia and both Churches. This covers the early genesis of the camp meetings and their influence in the founding of Bigham Chapel and Catuala. The development of their history from the time of their formation till now will be told by the people of this generation. Because the writer attends Bigham Chapel, he will give a over view of that churches founding. The members of the Cataula church will be doing the same in the near future. For information on pastors who served these churches you may wish to contact the archives of the Southern Conference of the United Methodist Church in Georgia.


METHODIST Pioneer Circuits
Some of the First Methodist Churches in Harris County
The Growth of Camp Meetings in Harris County
Mulberry Grove-first Meeting Area in Harris County and Some Interesting State Mandated Protective Measures
Cataula Camp Meetings
Clowers Methodist Church, (Now Cataula United Methodist Church)
Cataula Origin of Name and Early History
A Brief Over View of History of Bigham Chapel UMC
A Brief Over View of History of Cataula UMC