Some of the First Methodist Churches

As the Societies grew, congregations and churches evolved. Some of the pioneers to organize groups, erect buildings, and name churches follow:

1. Rabb Mobley-Whitesville Church, at Whitesville
2. Brannon - Prospect Church, at Ridgeway
3. ------- Mt. Zion, at Waverly Hall
4. Dowdells, Sparks-Bethel, at Pine Mt. Valley
5. Pollock-Hamilton
6. Clowers-Clowers, at Cataula
7. ------- Old Smyna, at Mt. Hill
8. ------- New Hope

The Reverend Thomas Williamson, very zealous and active in his efforts to establish Methodism in the new territory (West Point and vicinity), established besides the Methodist Church of West Point a church in Harris County."

The church referred to above is thought to have been located on the farm of Col. R. J. Trammell (a relative of Mrs. J. C. Lanier) about four miles from West Point, Georgia, just off 103 Georgia Highway. The only evidence that a building was located on this spot is a cemetery presumed to be a Methodist burial plot.

The date of the organization of the Methodist Church near West Point is not known; at least there is no certainty about the date.